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In the quiet moments...

Heliotrope Ridge, 48"x36"Acrylic. We hiked the Cascades, so close that we could almost touch the glacier. We certainly could hear it, cracking and moaning in the orange haze from the forest fires up north. And I carried a light pack and a little vertigo at the magnificence of this glacier.

I have been largely absent from this blog since October. Perhaps after my little watercolor show opening at the Sudden Valley, WA "Barn," and all the work that went into that, I needed a respite. The holiday season doesn't usually offer this, though, does it? Certainly, through the season, it was busy--doing the annual painted Christmas card; trying my hand at a local art sale, the #makesale, at a really cool studio, @make.shiftartspace; painting ornaments for sale and for friends. Have I mentioned that I have four kids? So art came in the form of holiday decorating and cookie baking.

But we didn't go anywhere this year. We stayed home. We balanced our days with work and reflection, church events and outdoors events and intentional rest and quiet moments.

My quiet moments consisted of writing and working on a large acrylic painting of a smoky hike that Peter and I did this summer: Heliotrope Ridge. I painting it over weeks, a little each day, uncertain of how it would unfold. I cherished this time, touching the landscape. Each brushstroke became a prayer of thanksgiving for this learning and growing year, a prayer of healing for this beautiful, diminishing landscape and a prayer and intention for the New Year. The prayer and word for 2019 is "relentless." Relentless pursuit of calling and compassion, gratitude and doing the work that has been set before me. I pray and hope that you, too, have compassion, gratitude and good work before you this year. Thank you for taking a look! Happy 2019!

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