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Sarah Lane is an artist, following the call to honor and illuminate life through art.  Whether she is painting landscapes, rendering anatomical-botanicals in mixed media or creating portraits, Sarah is moving through painting and prayer simultaneously, offering gratitude for what is before her.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Sarah grew up in a home of artists whose firsthand experience making a living at art, encouraged her to choose a different path.  At 16, she decided to go to West Point, to become president, to end world hunger.  And while she did graduate and serve as an Army engineer for 5 years and has sought to address the challenges of the world through service throughout most of her life, Sarah has not ended world hunger.  She has, however, consistently made art “on the side,” in the margins of textbooks in school, as a late-night practice, making gifts and working creativity into the service of others.  Whether she has served as a teacher, a program coordinator—or a deputy coroner, Sarah has always made art her practice and prayer.


Today, living on the Puget Sound with her family, gardening and raising chickens, hiking, exploring health and wellness and continuing her work in service, Sarah celebrates life and all those in it by painting them—whether they are people, pups or herbs.  She finds great joy in making art and seeks to share that, drawing others into the creative process and celebration of life.    

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Most recently, she has shown her art both in her current hometown of Bellingham, WA and at Lakeland Community College in her original hometown, Cleveland, OH.

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