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Treats from the Marketplace

This year, I’m participating in three markets—two pop ups and the annual Make.Sale. I rarely miss an opportunity to participate in the Make.Shift Project's Make.Sale in Bellingham, WA. Despite my commitment to introversion, I love meeting the other artists—a really diverse and unique group. While being at the market takes a good bit of preparation and energy, I wouldn’t miss it for all the Altoids tins at the grocery store!

And I so appreciate the holiday market-goers. Many share life and art stories.

Many of the shoppers at the Make.Sale are students on a limited budget who

choose to use their resources on art. I like to come with lots of little treats—paintings and block prints, cards and prints and ornaments. This year, I’ll bring tiny tins, and I just know someone will fall in love with a jumping spider in a tin.

Just when I thought that the Make.Sale was the best market ever, I was invited to participate in pop-up markets, supporting sustainable women’s businesses. The first market was at Goods Local Brews in Bellingham, and I shared space with a number of awesome, creative women entrepreneurs who shared tips and techniques and general camaraderie. I also felt held and supported by many friends, who enjoyed coming down for a beer and some art! It didn’t matter that it rained, got dark early and grew chilly after a while. The company was great—so were the sales.

I invite you to visit at the upcoming market at The Granary, 4-9pm, Saturday, November 27th or the Make.Sale on December 4-5. I’d love to meet you there.

And if you’re a creative with products to sell, I invite you to find a market and try it. It’s a very enriching experience after spending hours and days in the studio. Very enriching and satisfying. There are people out there who appreciate you—and your art. They want to support you and to see you succeed. And they complete the circle of making art. Thank you, market-friends!

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