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Art, art everywhere

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

As I set up my website, it occurred to me that, even though this is a first--putting myself out there as an artist intentionally and with some degree of focus--I've been drawing and painting and making art in various and assorted ways since I was a kid. From sitting on Dad's studio floor, designing worlds on mat board cutouts, to painting my clothing in high school, and from Velcroing foam core planes and butterflies to my kids' walls, to designing tattoos for the family . . . art has been the mortar that has held the odd shaped stones of my life's foundation together. Today, it seems to be the stone--perhaps the bedrock--on which it's built. Much to my surprise, I've awakened to art's presence everywhere.

I look forward to turning over the stones of life and all the things that extend and grow and reach out into the world from the foundation of art and creativity. Thanks for being here to grow with me!

Dad and me in his studio when I was young and, oddly, wore a kerchief to bed? It was the 1970s...

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